12 is better than 6 – Alpha Demo

12 is better than 6 game

12 is Better Than 6 is a hardcore top-down shooter with a cool pen-and-ink (and blood) visual style that combines stealth, action and good old fashioned Western shoot-outs.

Playing a little like Hotline Miami, you have to pick your moments to strike in 12 is Better Than 6, sometimes it’s best to sneak by enemies, others it’s best to go in guns blazing.  In shootouts, you really have to use cover to your advantage, waiting until your enemies are reloading to pop out and blow them away – making for slower, more methodical and tactical combat than the likes of Hotline Miami.

The sketchbook visual style and Western setting are both a perfect fit for 12 is Better Than 6, especially when combined with the excellent soundtrack, and the tactical stealth/action gameplay is well implemented.  The world of 12 is Better Than 6 is a dangerous place, timing and planning is everything – to survive in this game, you’ve certainly gotta know when to hold’em and know when to fold’em.


The initial Tutorial can be a little infuriating, but it’s worth sticking with it to get to the real game which is way more fun.  Also, it is helpful for learning the ins and outs of the combat, which is a little different when compared to normal top-down shooters.

UPDATE: This Alpha Is No Longer Available