1985 – Game Jam Build


1985, a Super Mario Bros inspired metroidvania platformer made for the Low Rez Jam, has you taking Mario on a new (and slightly warped) adventure!

In 1985 you play Mario, as he embarks on an adventure through a somewhat familiar land. This world is open for your exploration, giving you little guidance as to where to go. You must just explore and see what you find. Monsters like the familiar mushroom Goomba run around, as well as turtles that explode once you jump on them. Other spiked monsters also are about, which you can destroy in explosions that happen after killing turtles, or running them into traps.

Coins and gold bricks that you can bash for coins also dot around the area. If you collect enough coins you can spend them on power-ups from Toad’s shop which is located down pipe-warps dotted around the world. Beware, the blue pipes are only filled with lasers that will kill you though!  As you make your way towards the boss, you will find hearts and mushrooms to upgrade your character. The first mushroom, for example, makes you taller so you can get to different areas.

1985 impresses with it’s surprisingly deep gameplay and detailed low rez visuals which offer up a unique take on the plucky plumber’s NES classic. A very cool little Mariovania.

Play 1985 Here (Browser)