20 Days at Sea – GameJam Build Download

20 Days at Sea

20 Days at Sea tasks you with surviving a shipwreck by diving, gathering resources, crafting tools and even eating pieces of your dead partner.

You play Margret, who while out at sea with your partner (John), encounters a freak storm which destroys your ship.  You must then search and scavenge for supplies which yo can consume or use to craft items which will aid your survival.  Food and water are in short supply, but you should be able to scrape together enough to keep you alive for 20 days (and if you’re starving you can always eat some of John’s rotting corpse).

Built for Ludum 31, 20 Days at Sea is a fun single screen survival experience.  We’d highly recommend playing it through for the full 20 days as there’s a very enjoyable twist at the end.

UPDATE: This Game Is No Longer Available