20 Minutes Till Dawn – Beta Demo

20 Minutes Till Dawn is a stylish Vampire Survivors-esque horde mode roguelite where you attempt to survive for 20 minutes while being attacked by swarms of Lovecraftian monsters.

In 20 Minutes Till Dawn you choose a hero and try to survive against vast swarms of Eldritch monstrosities. Each enemy you kill drops an orb, which when collected fills your XP bar. Once the XP bar is filled you can choose from a selection of stackable upgrades, and you also gain special upgrades by beating boss enemies. Initially the key to success is keeping moving, as you’re massively outnumbered, but as you unlock upgrades you can create some seriously powerful builds.

The demo build of 20 Minutes Till Dawn features four unlockable playable characters and four unlockable weapons, each of which have their own perks and advantages. You need to survive for ten minutes (rather than the twenty minutes of the full game), but it gives you a good taste of the game and you can get lots of cool upgrades within that time. It’s a lot of fun and very addictive, and the short session time means it’s perfect for squeezing in a quick game or two. A few minutes well spent!

Download The 20 Minutes Till Dawn Beta Demo Here (Steam)