21 Bytes – Prototype

21 bytes 2

21 Bytes is an open world third person roguelite action game where you play as an ephemeral with a short life span that can only be prolonged by killing creatures or smashing secret stones.

You start off as a weak little ephemeral, with only a club, a spear and 60 seconds left to live.  Your only option is to dash between and kill the weaker enemies, building up your power, unlocking upgrades and collecting weaponry.  The low poly world is deceptively large, full of secrets, hidden areas and special white creatures that unlock extra powers.  You’ll start off being petrified of the huge black monsters that roam the land, but once you’re fully levelled up and packing some powerful weaponry, you’ll be actively hunting them down.

There’s no health bar in 21 Bytes, just a timer constantly counting down, increasing when you kill something and decreasing when you get hit.  When you die, you’ll lose all your XP but you keep the weaponry you’ve accrued and extra powers.  You can also hunt down a special monster with a black aura in the area that you died in to get your XP and upgrades back.  As the game is in Alpha, some areas aren’t completed yet, but it includes the large central area packed with secrets, and a volcano area with a huge boss which drops a powerful weapon when killed.

It’s an addictive game, that packs some deceptively deep gameplay and satisfying exploration into it’s low poly world.  Low poly, high fun gaming.

Watch a Lets Play HERE

Download the Prototype HERE

Play the Prototype in a Unity Supported browser HERE