22 Racing Series: RTS-Racing – Alpha Demo

22 Racing Series: RTS-Racing is a gravity-defying futuristic racing game where you compete to own sections of the track and upgrade your vehicle while you race.

22 Racing Series brings an element of real-time strategy to real-time racing as you compete for resources (track ownership) and upgrade your vehicle on-the-fly. The core racing gameplay is a little like Wipeout or F-Zero, with you racing around twisty futuristic tracks, but it’s less arcadey and there’s much more of a chance of you flying off the track at a tight bend or a tricky jump.

Once you master the racing (and staying on the track) then you can put your mind to the strategy element of the game. Tracks are divided into sections and if you’re the fastest through a section then you earn more energy that can be used on boosts or to upgrade your vehicle while you race. In the full game you’ll also be able to build and customize your vehicles between races.

At the moment the lack of adhesion to the racing surface may put off newcomers who are looking for some arcadey Wipeout thrills, but once you get to grips with it there’s a lot to like. The racing is fast, the tracks are fun to learn and the RTS elements are a great addition that shows a lot of promise. Super-fast strategic racing well worth taking for a spin.

Download The 22 Racing Series: RTS-Racing Alpha Demo Here (Steam)