We All End Up Alone – Alpha Demo


We All End Up Alone is a powerful and emotional narrative adventure in which you deal with your battle with cancer by day and escape into a dreamlike world at night that’s populated with your innermost thoughts and fears.

We All End Up Alone combines beautiful artwork, excellent writing and powerful subject matter to create an emotional narrative that really hits hard. Each day you must take your cancer medication and manage your activities. As the chemotherapy drugs are weakening you, you have to be careful about how strenuous and how stressful the activities you do are, but you can’t just sit there and do nothing either as you need to keep your morale up.

Meeting up with friends is a good way to keep morale up, and although it will tire you, it’s worth it as the standard of writing is excellent. The discussions feel very authentic, and are great for fleshing out your character’s backstory and discovering how you (and those around you) are getting to grips with being ‘promised eternity but now only having one year left to live’.

We All End Up Alone transforms from a visual novel-styled experience to a side scrolling action adventure when your character goes to sleep at night. Each night you enter a dreamworld that’s populated by your innermost thoughts and fears, and interact with them in different ways. This dreamscape created by your unconscious, is beautiful, surreal and packed with symbolism of the cancer that’s destroying your body.

We All End Up Alone an impressive game that really does put you in the shoes of someone who’s getting to grips with the daily fight against cancer. Not a comfortable experience, but a very emotional one that we highly recommend checking out.

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