28 Pixels Later – Prototype Download

28 Pixels Later is a second person PS1 styled parody survival horror game where you can only see your character through the eyes of the zombies around you.

In 28 Pixels Later you are a SWAT operative who is attempting to get to safety in a town infested with Zombies. The game plays much like a classic Resident Evil game, complete with retro PS1 styled visuals, plants that restore health (when you smoke them!), limited ammo and tank controls.

There is one big difference from a traditional survival horror game though – you can only view your character from the viewpoint of the zombies that are chasing you. This means that the zombies aren’t just your enemy, they’re your eyes too, so you need them around to see where you’re going. And if there are multiple zombies in the area then you can switch between their viewpoints to get a better view.

At the moment 28 Pixels Later does have some frustrations and rough edges but it’s a great concept that would be perfect for expanding on. It’s fun seeing yourself from the eyes of the zombie hordes that are trying to eat you, ands watching their heads pop off from their perspective is oddly satisfying!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The 28 Pixels Later Prototype Here (Windows)