2DOOM – Prototype

2DOOM is a cute and bloody 2D DOOM demake where you blast your way through the chibi-demon infested landscape of Mars.

In 2DOOM you shoot your way through a 2D (and oddly cute) version of the Mars setting from id’s classic DOOM. All the classic baddies are there, and you can blast them into a bloody pulp as in the original, but they all look a touch cuter, like chibi versions of their former selves. There’s also a nice selection of classic weaponry to use on them, including the trusty shotgun and the chainsaw.

Unfortunately the devs don’t intend to continue work on 2DOOM, but it does offer up around 10 minutes of DOOM-themed retro action platforming fun. The artwork is fantastic and the fast paced run n’ gun action platforming gameplay is a delight. Well worth checking out for 10 minutes of cutesy DOOM action.

Play The 2DOOM Prototype Here (Browser)