30 Birds – Alpha Demo

30 Birds is a quirky and creative hand drawn narrative-driven puzzle adventure where you go in search of thirty birds to awaken a giant bird goddess.

Drawing inspiration from Persian mythology, 30 Birds is a stylish hand drawn adventure that follows a young ornithologist called Zig, as she sets out to awaken Simurgh, the giant bird Queen. To do this you need to gather 30 different birds from within a giant hand painted floating city that exists in 2D, but is painted on 3D objects. As you explore the city you’ll meet strange people, magical animals, djinn and lots of talking birds. Finding the birds is often the easy part, recruiting them to your cause can be another matter.

The 30 Birds allows you to explore a large chunk of it’s stylish hand painted city, meet some of its oddball characters, solve a few puzzles and recruit some birds. It’s a lot of fun exploring its magical painted world, with lots of sparky conversations with the locals and lots of fun little secrets to discover. The way you navigate its 2D city painted on 3D objects is particularly delightful and each environment is packed full of great little details that help flesh out the world. It makes for a picture perfect avian-recruiting adventure packed full of joy and creativity.

Download The 30 Birds Alpha Demo Here (Steam)