33 – Game Jam Build

33 is an unsettling little single room experience in which you play a prisoner who trades the lives of his fellow prisoners for furniture and knick knacks that he orders from an Ikea-style catalogue.

In 33 you start the game with just you in an empty room and a big TV screen against the back wall. Some authoritarian looking propaganda plays out on the TV and then you see another prisoner in their own cell, with a large noose around his neck. You press a button that appears below the TV and the prisoner is swiftly executed and 100 credits are deposited into your account – which you can then use to buy items to furnish your cell. With a few more lives you’ll be able to furnish your whole cell.

It’s a dark little game, that pretty much created a prison system in which the prison doesn’t kill the prisoners, but the other prisoners do. Nobody is forcing you to press that button, but you’ll do so anyway and furnish your cell. You also have a noose around your neck though – how long will it be until someone trades your life for a comfy chair and a few knick knacks?

Note: Possibly due to time constraints, there’s very little sound in the current build of 33, although the guitar and the radio (once purchased) do both work. Press ‘F’ For Fullscreen.

Play 33 Here (Browser)

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