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33 Grams

33grams is an eerie experimental game built in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 34 where you must guide an eclipse of silk moths out of the confines of a deadly silk factory.

33grams has a one button control scheme that would work marvellously on mobile devices. You simply click to guide your moths across the map, collecting small cocooned moths as you make your way towards the exit at the top of the screen. The game’s areas are broken up by sections of inky blackness that leave you feeling uneasy and hesitant to move too quickly lest you fall to a hidden cluster of spikes.

33grams creates an interesting juxtaposition between the zen-like feeling established for you as the player and the dire circumstances of the fleeing moths. The calming music, refined pixel art, and soft plinking sound that accompanies the awakening of each metamorphosing moth suggest that the game is meant to be relaxing, but for the moths, this escape is life or death. The sharp sting of a dying moth when you unsuccessfully avoid a spike feels like an intrusion into the game’s otherwise perfect serenity. The sound is awful, like nails on a chalkboard, but purposefully so. You never want to hear that sound — never want to witness that sudden stillness of once fluttering wings — ever again. From then on, the illusion of peace in 33grams is shattered. Whether you choose to flee or rescue the remaining moths is up to you.

Download 33grams Here (Win, Mac & Linux)