360 Chicken – Alpha Download

360 Chicken is a very silly and gloriously brutal physics based skateboarding game where you catch some air and do cool tricks while trying to avoid the many deadly hazards in each level.

In 360 Chicken you take control of a little skateboarding chicken that skates around in some very hazardous skateparks. The current build features one large skatepark level where you can freely skate around in and pull off gnarly tricks (and die quite often) and one linear level that you attempt to race through as fast as possible without dying.

It’s still very early in development and has plenty of rough edges, but there’s no denying that 360 Chicken’s brutal and chaotic take on skateboarding is a lot of fun. It looks like Tony Hawk isn’t the only bird who can handle a skateboard!

Download The 360 Chicken Alpha Here (Windows)