360FLAP – Game Jam Build

360FLAP game

360FLAP is an addictive, minimalistic take on the Flappy Bird formula, in which you flap around an ever changing circular course in search of that elusive high score.

Time heals all wounds, and now that the glut of Flappy Bird clones have disappeared, there is the occasional unique take on the flappy gameplay formula that stands out.  360FLAP is one such game, created in 48 hours for the ‘gamesequel’ jam, you travel around in a circle for as long as possible, whilst avoiding the columns that pop out in random configurations.  As you progress the course will spin faster and faster, until you inevitably hit something and die.

It’s a pretty simple game, but the addictive gameplay, minimalistic art style and chilled out soundtrack make for a thoroughly enjoyable take on the Flappy Bird formula.  Well worth getting a-round to!

Play 360FLAP HERE (Browser)