404Sight – Alpha Download


404Sight is a first and third person speed-run parkour game inspired by Mirror’s Edge and Devils Tuning Fork, with an ability to ‘Ping’ your surroundings and a meaningful message about protecting Net Neutrality.

The loss of Net Neutrality is a big issue that not enough people are talking about, so the devs of 404Sight have built a game around it.  While running and jumping through 404Sight, your ping ability reveals hidden world elements that might speed you up, slow you down, or have other effects.  The Ping effect is an interesting touch, that gives the game an almost rythmic feel.  You’ll have to learn floor layouts and devise optimum routes to get a top time (or even finish the levels) through areas full of hazards – placed by the corporations that are actively trying to impede you.

Still early in development, it’s already an impressive piece of work – a fast, fun and super stylish cyber-person parkour game that comes with an important message – Protect the Net.

Visit the 404Sight website HERE

Download the 404Sight Alpha HERE (Latest build temporarily unavailable, but click ‘download the old build here’ for older builds)