486 – Game Jam Build Download

486 is a very tough but oddly addictive retro styled permadeath arcade RPG that draws inspiration from Pimp Quest and sees you roaming the streets of a city, beating up enemies and earning rep as you attempt to get as high a score as possible.

486 features an odd mix of ASCII and 90’s style 3D rendered visuals and sees you attempting to survive on the mean streets of a rather unfriendly city. As you roam you’ll have random encounters with other citizens, all of whom want to beat you up. There’s very little in the way of tactics during these fights – you can either fight or run, but if you win you’ll earn cash and rep. Rep allows you to level up to become more of a badass, while cash can be used to purchase a wide variety of things, including consumables, vehicles, weed, alcohol, weapons and even fighting robots.

Surviving on the mean streets of 486 is tough, especially in the beginning, as you have to level up before you’re even allowed to purchase weaponry. Permadeath means that it’ll punish you for your mistakes too – if you come across a high level enemy there’s no shame in running away to fight again another day.

It takes a little grinding initially, but if you manage to survive long enough and save up enough cash, there’s a lot to do, including going to the gym, visiting weed shops and even entering robots into a Robot Wars-style battle arena. There are even boss fights that will pop up occasionally, but unless you’re packing some serious heat, it’s often best just to run if you come across one.

It’s a very strange game with a quirky mix of retro visual styles that somehow manages to work very well. There’s lot to discover as you try to survive on the streets of 486, but good luck staying alive long enough to see it all!

Check Out a 486 Gampeplay Video Here

Download 486 Here (Windows)