4th Meal – GameJam Build Download

4th meal

4th Meal, a rather disturbing and fun game made for the Procedural Generation Jam, is all about selling your organs so that you can eat Taco Bell.

Traveling around a procedurally generated town, through shaky eyes, you must find food. Taco Bell is not the best food for someone living on the streets, but it is better than nothing and seems to be the only food around.

Each night, Taco Bell sells different foods that affect different organs. Some foods increase eyes, but decrease liver functions or affect other organs. Only two or three foods are ever available at one time. In order to get enough money to buy overpriced food, you must sell your organs.

Each night, you must buy at least one food item before dawn comes. To get an organ ready for sale, you must fill up the organ at the bottom of the screen by buying the Taco Bell item that will increase it. Once an organ is ready, find a shady guy on the streets to buy it off of you. Be careful though, because if you eat too much food that harms your organ, it can rot and will never recover.

How many nights will you survive while balancing cash, rotting organs, and tacos?

Download 4th Meal HERE (Win & Mac)