5 Games For Valentines!

lovesick game download

Happy Valentines Day!  We’ve carefully selected five love themed games for you to enjoy this fine day.  Some romantic, some not quite so romantic.  If your alone of with a loved one today, we think we’ve got a little something for everyone, with five games that cover the full gambit of emotions – anticipation, love, fear, loss, heartache and projectile vomit!  Games so good, they’ll bring a tear to the eye (others may just make you want to hurl!)



Lovesick – Control a bride and Groom as they try to control their projectile vomit and explosive diarrhoea.


Staying together game

Staying Together – A journey through a couples relationship, where you control both characters simultaneously.


fragments of him

Fragments of Him – An emotional game about dealing with the loss of a loved one.



Ephemeral – Fall in and out of love as you fall to your doom.


Yours Truly Game

Yours Truly, – Deeply emotional game about a couple who can never be together, serves as an analogy for war.