50 Shades of Cool – Student Project Download

50 shades of cool game

50 Shades of Cool is a stylish retro beat-em-up with rhythm-action elements in which you play the coolest man in the world on a quest to recover his sunglasses collection after it was stolen by a powerful mafia boss.

Created by students at VFS, you fight your way through the game, beating up waves of enemies, pulling off powerful combos and battling bosses as you attempt to recapture all fifty of your super cool shades. This isn’t just a mindless button masher though – each enemy has different abilities, requiring different tactics to defeat them. You can also pull of powerful special moves by using a combination of rhythm based timing and different button combos (pay attention to the billboard signs in the background for new combos).

It’s a fun brawler, with challenging gameplay, excellent pixel art animation and great audio design, adding a nice sense of character and style to the game.

Download 50 Shades of Cool Here (Windows Only)