57204 – Prototype Download


57204 is essentially Snake Vs Agar.io in a fast paced bullet hell arena in which you crush your enemies – literally, as you squeeze them to death with your tail!

Your character in 57024 is controlled entirely by the mouse, with its head following wherever your mouse cursor is pointing.  You defeat your enemies by encircling them with your long tail and crushing them out of existence.  You’re best to do it as quickly as possible though, as if the two enemies come into contact they absorb each other (as in Agar.io) becoming much bigger and much harder to trap!  As things get tougher, your enemies may be protected by a barrier which stops you squeezing them, but you can dispose of it by firing sections of your tale at them and making them vulnerable to your deadly squeeze attack.

The current build is very much a proof of concept, but it already impresses with it’s fast paced bullet hell gameplay, stylish visuals and excellent audio.  The most intense game of Snake you’re likely to play!

Note: Press F for Fullscreen

UPDATE: This Game Is No Longer Available