63 Days – Beta Demo

63 Days is a Commandos-esque real-time tactics adventure where resistance fighters in Poland fight back against the Germans in WWII.

In 63 Days you will follow the story of some brothers in arms as they bring the fight to the Germans. Warsaw has been invaded and large parts of it have been destroyed, but your team know the city inside out and will use it to their advantage.

The real-time tactical gameplay in 63 Days is similar to Commandos, with you taking command of different individual characters and using their unique skills to exploit the enemies’ weaknesses. There’s a big focus on stealth and subterfuge, with the game giving you plenty of tactical options to evade and dispatch the Germans. For moments when timing is everything, you can also pause the game to plan out your actions, then watch them play out in real-time.

It’s an impressive game, with tense tactical gameplay and well crafted environments to infiltrate. The voice acting and narrative are excellent too, really helping to invest you into your characters’ story. Highly recommended.

Download The 63 Days Beta Demo Here (Steam)

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