7 Deeds – Game Jam Build Download

7 Deeds Game Download

7 Deeds, a creepy pixelated horror game made for the LowRezJam, has you attempting to survive in a monster filled home for 7 whole days!

In 7 Deeds you control Stan, a little 10 year old boy alone in his monster filled home. Despite the monsters creeping around your rather large home, you must survive each night until 9:30, when they move onto their next job. Surviving requires you to do normal human things like eat and use the bathroom. You have a bar for each of these, which will change color towards red if you don’t fill them back up. In each room, there is a chance for a monster to be lurking. Sometimes you can only hear the monsters, while other times you can see them.

To combat the fear that you feel when seeing and hearing monsters inside your own home, you can cover your ears and ignore it or close your eyes. A few rooms in your house have areas you can hide in, but once you are scared in a room, try not to go back to it. As your fear grows (and the fear bar fills up) you get closer to losing the game, but you can deplete your fear bar by taking care of yourself and staying out of scary rooms.

If you manage to survive all 7 days, you can unlock a hardcore mode that takes the whole game up a notch. This home is a scary one, especially for little Stan. See if you can guide him through the night!

Download 7 Deeds Here (Windows)