8 Seconds to Die – Game Jam Build Download

8 Seconds to Die, a super fast paced shooter made for the Cosmos Game Jam 2017, has you trying to spot and shoot a red cube within a growing cluster of grey cubes, as fast as humanly possible.

In 8 Seconds to Die you have just 8 seconds to locate and shoot a red cube in a cluster of grey cubes that are floating in the middle of outer space. Yes, that’s right, 8 seconds. At first, this isn’t as challenging as it may sound. The cluster of grey cubes is wide spread, showing the red cube from where you are standing. After you shoot the red cube, more grey cubes will randomly spawn around the area you shot – packing them more densely into the large cubic playing area and making it harder to spot and shoot the next single red cube within the time limit.

You can move around this cluster, quickly dotting from one side to the other. If you happen to hit even a sliver of the red cube, it will be destroyed so 8 Seconds to Die never feels unfair. Instead, it feels like you just need to be faster and be a better sharp shooter as you frantically speed around hunting those illusive red cubes. See how long you can survive in this simple but incredibly intense block blasting shooter.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download 8 Seconds to Die Here (Windows)