8Doors – Beta Demo

8Doors is a beautifully animated hand drawn action platforming metroidvania based on Korean folklore where you fight your way through a monster-filled purgatory.

In 8Doors you take on the role of Arum, a young girl who has lost her father and many friends due to a mysterious illness that swept through her village. Arum then decides to jump in the ocean and travel to the afterlife in search of answers and her father.

The beautifully drawn afterlife of 8Doors is full of deadly traps, enemies and powerful bosses to deal with. You’re pretty agile though and as you progress you unlock some useful abilities – such as being able to ride on a giant frog.

There are some pretty sharp difficulty spikes that may infuriate some, but if you’re up for a challenge then there’s a lot to like about 8Doors. The animation is fantastic, the gameplay is fast-paced and the characters and lore are very interesting. A beautiful and deadly descent into the afterlife.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download 8Doors Beta Demo Here (Windows)