9 Childs St – Alpha Demo

9 Childs St is a tense and atmospheric first person horror game where a young kid ventures into the abandoned house of an old toymaker.

In 9 Childs St you step into the shoes of a young boy called Armin who lives across the road from an old abandoned house that used to belong to a toy maker. After seeing a light on in the abandoned house Armin sneaks out with a flashlight and attempts to investigate. However, he soon finds himself trapped in there and discovers a dark secret about the dolls the toymaker made.

The demo build of 9 Childs St takes around 15 minutes to play through and really impresses with its high quality visuals and intense atmosphere. You feel very small and vulnerable as you creep through the house, the narrative gets very dark and the audio design is particularly unnerving. 9 Childs Street is definitely not a house you want to be breaking into on a dark and spooky night!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The 9 Childs Street Alpha Demo Here (Windows)