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90 second portraits

90 Second Portraits, a game made for the Ludum Dare 31, will have you speed painting (badly) in no time.

Time is money, as it is said. In this game, it could not be more true. The player, a starving artist so to speak, is looking to make some money on the streets by painting customers portraits. The customer can also pick a background to accompany his or her face and body in the painting. To make sure you do not spend too much of your precious time on one person, the player only has 90 seconds to complete a painting for the customer. Using your trusty tools, you must get this painting done to the best of your abilities to earn the most amount of money possible by the end of the day (which is a total of 5 customers).

You have a couple of tools to use to complete these pictures, a thin detail brush, a thicker paint brush, and a paint bucket. Brushes are pretty straight forward to use, just click on them, then the paint need, then paint on your canvas with your mouse. The paint bucket has a bit of a learning curve to it, but is vital to getting paintings done in the little time given. To use the paint bucket, select it as well as the paint of your choice, click on the stop you would like to paint on your canvas, then pull the bucket back. The farther back the bucket is pulled, the bigger the paint splotch will end up on the board. This can be very useful if there is a lot of one color on the canvas, but it can also cover up things that are already painted if it is used after you have already started the creation.

There are many, many different people to paint as well as many different backgrounds that you could also run into. Some backgrounds are a bit more complex; like a dark city or an area full of hills and lamas. Same with people, some people are bigger and take up more space, while others have complex shading. At the end of each day, you can view your total earnings as well as the masterpieces you have created in the gallery.

Speed painting is pretty tricky, but is also great fun and it’s hilarious to see what paintings you create. The number of combinations of people and backgrounds keep this game interesting and keep each painting unique. After some practice, it gets easier to paint that fast, but it never gets easy.  See what you can create in this fast paced and funny painting game!

Watch my Lets Play of it HERE (Using a trackpad!)

Download 90 Second Portraits HERE (Win, Mac, Linux & Android)

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