99999 – Alpha Demo

99999 is a Super Crate Box inspired high score arena action platformer that sees you earning points by collecting weapons as you attempt to fend off the hordes of attacking enemies.

In 99999 you control a nimble little stick man who fights for his survival across a series of (usually) single screen arenas. In each arena a constant stream of monsters teleport in and you must blast them with whichever weapon you have at hand.

As in Super Crate Box, you earn points by picking up weapons with you switching to using the new weapons automatically as you pick them up. You need to collect 28 weapons to complete each arena, which can get pretty tough as more and more aliens teleport in!

You start 99999 with access to just a few weapons, but as you progress you’ll unlock more powerful ones, including shotguns, rocket launchers, crossbows and swords. You can customize your loadout before each level and once you reach level you can purchase new items and weapons that can give you the edge over those monsters.

The 99999 Alpha Demo features a lot of content, but you’ll need some real skill to see it all. It’s a very tough game that requires a precise aim and keen dodging skills. It’s a very addictive experience that feels like an evolution of the classic Super Crate Box gameplay. It’ll kick your ass, but you feel like a badass each time you manage to complete a level.

Download Thew 99999 Alpha Demo Here (Windows)