9Dragons: Kung Fu Arena – Beta Download

9Dragons: Kung Fu Arena is a martial arts focused objective based battle royale game set within the 9Dragons MMO universe, which sees 50 players searching for a key that will allow access to a hidden chamber containing the Nine Dragons Legacy.

The 50 player battle royale gameplay of 9Dragons: Kung Fu Arena takes place on Gado, a large mysterious island which is rumored to contain the Nine Dragons Legacy – a mythical artefact that can give its owner enough power to rule the world. The Nine Dragons Legacy is located within a hidden chamber which can only be accessed via the Dragon’s Jade key which is randomly hidden within one of the nine large clan house ruins on the island. You need to get the key then access the hidden chamber to win, but as soon as you have the key all the other combatants will also know the location of the chamber, so getting in there won’t be easy.

9Dragons: Kung Fu Arena features duo, solo and squad matches, with you spawning into the island in a random location armed with a sword and a spear. There’s lots of useful items that you can scavenge from around the map, including weapons, supplies and equipment that can increase your chances of survival in combat.

There’s not a large player base at the moment so it’s best playing during peak times but the objective based twist on the traditional battle royale gameplay is interesting and martial arts are always cool. See if you’re worthy enough to obtain the Nine Dragons Legacy!

Download The 9Dragons: Kung Fu Arena Beta Here (Steam)