A Candle to the Unknown – Alpha Download

A Candle to the Unknown is a very sinister and atmospheric occult horror point and click adventure that tells an interweaving tale of monks at a 19th century abbey that’s beset by evil entities that drive them to madness.

The current build of A Candle to the Unknown is essentially a prologue to the full game, containing around 45 minutes worth of gameplay split across three chapters. Each chapter tells the tale of a different monk, with the tales taking place at roughly the same time and interweaving with each other now and again.

A Candle to the Unknown feels very different to most point and click adventures. There’s a very slow and sedate pace to the gameplay that would infuriate in most other point and click adventures, but for some reason in A Candle to the Unknown it helps to draw you in and build the atmosphere. There’s always a feeling that an unfathomable horror is waiting for you around the next corner so you’re in no rush anyway!

It has a few rough edges, but even in its current state A Candle to the Unknown is a very impressive point and click horror adventure. The puzzles offer a nice amount of challenge and the way the narratives interweave is a nice touch. The pixel art animation is simple looking but combined with the soundtrack and occult subject matter they manage to imbue a surprising amount of dread and terror. Highly recommended.

Note: Be sure to check out the extras once you’ve completed all three chapters!

Check Out a A Candle to the Unknown Gameplay Video Here

Download The A Candle to the Unknown Alpha Here (Windows)