A Case For Watson – Game Jam Build

A Case For Watson is a very cleverly crafted detective adventure that features one of the most authentic simulations of real detective work we’ve come across, as you help Watson solve a grizzly murder before Sherlock Holmes arrives on the scene.

Most mystery/detective games make the mistake of highlighting clues which you can pick up and add to your inventory. This usually makes solving the case a simple job of scanning the area for hotspots, picking up anything useful and making your deductions. A Case For Watson takes a very different and more authentic approach to detective work and will really make you think like a detective as you get to the bottom of a brutal murder.

Rather than pick up clues in A Case For Watson you use your notepad to sketch objects of interest. You can sketch anything you like from any angle you like at the touch of a button, much like taking a photograph, but only certain objects will be of interest in the investigation. Likewise you can chat to the suspects/witnesses and you can drag and drop any sentences they say into your notebook to be used at a later time.

Much like the sketches, everything your suspects say can be dragged and dropped into your notebook, so it’s best to just take note of the things that are most pertinent to the case. The witness statements that you’ve taken note of and the sketches of relevant objects can then be used in future conversations with the suspects/witnesses, helping you get to the bottom of the murder.

When you’re happy you’ve learned everything you can, you can leave the murder scene and talk to Sherlock Holmes who will quiz you on your deductions. You’ll need to know the time of the murder, the murder weapon, who the murderer is and their motive. It’s a tough game as it can be quite easy to overlook vital pieces of evidence it isn’t highlighted for you, but a real detective should be able to find their own clues without hotspots and handholding. Will this case be elementary dear Watson?

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download A Case For Watson Here (Windows)