A Case of Distrust – Beta Demo

A Case of Distrust is a stylish narrative adventure that sees you playing a private eye who gathers statements and evidence, then used them to help unravel a dark mystery in 1920’s San Francisco.

In A Case of Distrust you take on the role of Phyllis Cadence Malone, a private investigator in 2920’s San Francisco. After setting an argument with your cat, a new case pops up that may deserve your attention and may eventually lead to some information about your recently deceased uncle.

Drawing inspiration from Phoenix Wright and the Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective board game, A Case of Distrust plays like a blend of a visual novel and point and click adventure. You click on objects and people in your surroundings to chat and gather evidence, then when you need to confront someone to prove something to them you then look in your notebook for a relevant piece of information that could be useful and present it.

The current demo build of A Case of Distrust offers around 15 minutes of gameplay and really impresses with it’s noir silhouetted visual style, excellent writing and cleverly implemented detective gameplay. You won’t get to the bottom of the mystery in that time, but you’ll certainly be intrigued by this well written noir PI adventure and the stylish silhouetted world it’s set in.

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Download The A Case of Distrust Beta Demo Here (Windows & Mac)