A Crown Of My Own – Game Jam Build

A cRown Of My Own

A Crown Of My Own, a charming point and click made for the Ludum Dare 33, has you experimenting with different ingredients to craft a crown for your own monster kingdom!

You are a monster who has been thrown out of a castle. The king decided that monsters did not belong on his kingdom. You have decided to start your own monster loving kingdom that accepts everyone. There is only one problem with that – you need a crown.

You must go through the forest and find different items to craft together. You have a cauldron, to make lovely foods, an anvil, to craft harder materials, and a workbench, for every day crafting. There is also a little plot of land where you can plant different seeds or sprouts to produce vegetables and such.

Each night, the items in the nearby areas are replenished, but the items there may change. You can find skulls, eyeballs, ores, fruits, sticks and much more. Once you have a couple of items in your inventory, you can start crafting.

The goal of the game is to create a crown, though there are many different recipes to try out! Collecting items and discovering different recipes is quite relaxing, and when you discover a new recipe it’s quite satisfying.  Make a crown, and much, much more, in A Crown Of My Own!

Play A Crown Of My Own Here (Win, Mac, Linux & Browser)