A Day to Bring them Happiness – Game Jam Build Download

A Day to Bring them Happiness is a charming and inventive little puzzle adventure where you control different characters throughout the course of a day to help them all find happiness.

Created for the Global Startupcities game jam, in A Day to Bring them Happiness you are tasked with making five very different characters happy, and to do so then they’ll have to cooperate a little (even if they don’t actually know they’re cooperating). You can switch between control of any character you like at any time, and when you switch to a new character then the day will restart, but the character you had just been controlling will retrace the actions that you performed with them. This allows for some very creative puzzle design as you work alongside previous recordings of yourself to complete objectives – so for instance, you may have to wait for a previous character to open a window so that your new character (a bird) can fly through it.

It could do with a tiny bit of a tutorial as it’s pretty hard to figure out what you’re supposed to do initially, but once you get the hang of things then A Day to Bring them Happiness is a great little game. The pixel art animation is excellent and the way each character interacts with the world and accidentally cooperates with the others to spread happiness is a great concept. A fun little game that will bring you happiness.

Tips: You can switch between characters by holding “Return”. Also, your first objective will be to do with the shifty guy with the plants.

Download A Day to Bring them Happiness Here (Windows)