A Fake Game – Alpha Demo

A Fake Game is a very strange third person adventure game that reflects on the fakeness of modern society as you make your way through its surreal dream-like world.

In A Fake Game you take control of a mysterious protagonist known only as “Boxhead” (because you have a box for a head). You awaken in a magical land accompanied by a creepy looking guide with a plague doctor mask, who enlightens you a little about the world you’re in (but never seems particularly trustworthy).

The main puzzles in A Fake Game utilize differently colored cubes which you can pick up and place with the mouse. This system is pretty elegant and allows you to move boxes anywhere on the screen, not just if you’re up close to them. There’s also a little combat which doesn’t work quite as well as it’s extremely hard to aim the rocks that you throw.

It’s still early in development so at the moment A Fake Game does have a few rough edges. It has some ideas that work and some that don’t but it’s an interesting game that isn’t afraid to try something new. With a bit of refinement A Fake Game could make for a great fake game.

Download The A Fake Game Alpha Demo Here (Windows)