A Falling Day – Student Project Game

A Falling Day is a powerful, personal and surprising narrative-driven experience about a father, a son and a tragic event.

It’s hard to say too much about A Falling Day without ruining the experience, but it’s very much a tale of two halves, with the first part playing like a visual novel and the second part allowing you to roam around in first person. It tells a tale of a father and a son, with you taking on the role of the father and making decisions throughout his life – from when he was a young child to when he’s starting work.

You try your best to raise your son well and never let him down, but a lot of the time, despite your best efforts you end up failing him. You’re still both clearly very close though and the visual novel section of the game does a great job of showing how this bond had formed over his lifetime. Then everything changes as you switch to a first person viewpoint and meet your son at his office to drop off his briefcase…

It has a few rough edges and it doesn’t seem that the choices you make during the visual novel part of the game have much of an effect, but it’s a clever piece of interactive storytelling. During your time with him you really start to feel the love the fallible father has for his son, and you know that as the tragic events unfold there’s no place he’d rather be than right there at his son’s side.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download A Falling Day Here (Windows)