A Feast for Geese – Game Jam Build

A Feast for Geese is a beautiful little narrative experience where you sit down on a park bench and have a surprisingly deep and meaningful conversation with a stranger.

Created for the Completion Jam, in A Feast for Geese you find yourself sitting on a park bench with a scenic view, some birds pecking around and a stranger sitting on the other side of the bench. You then start up a conversation with the mysterious stranger, and the more you talk, the more you open up and let down your walls.

It’s a short, but beautiful and heartfelt little game with excellent writing and four different endings to discover depending on your dialogue choices. By the end you really do feel like you’ve opened up and had a meaningful conversation with someone. As well as being isolated physically during the past year, there’s also been a rise of emotional isolation and distrust. A Feast for Geese is a beautiful little reminder that it’s okay to open up to people sometimes. You’ll not only learn more about the other person, but about yourself too. Highly recommended.

Note: Due to the time constraints of the jam there’s a final cutscene that was left out of the game. You can see it here.

Play A Feast for Geese Here (Browser)