A Few Ideas in No Particular Order – Game Jam Build Download


A Few Ideas in No Particular Order, a bunch of odd little musings made for the Pippin Barr ‘GAME IDEA’ Game Jam, has you exploring some beautiful random thoughts.

A Few Ideas in No Particular Order is full of little experimental micro-games, each one quite beautiful to look at and interact with. Each one starts off with a quick passing thought that tells you what inspired the game. They’re quite simple little games, such as button that you push, allowing you to win or lose at random and showing the score on the screen (inspired by the thought ‘you win some you lose some”).

Each new micro-game is a wonderfully random treat to discover, such as a washing machine that you can watch continuously spin, a cloud that you are told holds “murderous rage”, playing fetch with a happy robot-dad, avoiding people in your way, reading a beautiful yet boring book… There’s lots to discover in each game, each beautifully made and equally curious. A charming, colorful and cute collection of curios to explore and enjoy.

Download A Few Ideas in No Particular Order Here (Win & Mac)