A Flight to the Gallows – Game Jam Build

A Flight to the Gallows is a tense and atmospheric aerial adventure where you make sacrifices as you transport your prisoner via hot air balloon to the gallows to be executed.

In A Flight to the Gallows you take on the role of a hot air balloon captain who, alongside a marshall and a doctor, must transport a prisoners to the gallows where he is to be executed. The journey is treacherous though, with lots of tight areas to fly through and your prisoner is the leader of a dangerous gang who are all out in force to prevent you from reaching your destination.

As you fly through the dangerous airspace, you’ll be able to pick up useful supplies such as ammo and repair-kits. Every item you carry adds to your weight so sometimes you’ll have to release them to allow you to maneuver better. They aren’t the only sacrifices that will be made in the name of bringing your prisoner to justice though…

Taking around 30 minutes to play through, A Flight to the Gallows really impresses with its tense atmosphere, fun gameplay and deep 3:10 to Yuma inspired narrative. It’s a real challenge trying to keep your hot air balloon together as you maneuver it through the hostile skies and the way the narrative unfolds is surprisingly powerful. Highly recommended.

Note: You can use the mouse wheel to zoom in/out

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download A Flight to the Gallows Here (Win, Mac & Linux)