A Good Gardener – Game Jam Build Download

the good gardener

A Good Gardener, a relaxing and intriguing game made for the Ludum Dare 32, has you planting mysterious plants during a war.

A war is going on in the world. You have become a prisoner who must spend their days in solitude, planting strange seeds for the war effort. You are not told what these plants do or why you are planting them. A supervisor comes to visit you every once in a while, but most days are the same. You receive a package of seeds in this broken building with no roof. You can plant these seeds and water them, then go to bed. Some days it rains. The building is pretty broken, so the water does all your work for you.

When the supervisor comes to visit, he talks about your work and how well you are doing. He even harvests the plants, without much comment. As you continue playing, he starts to like you. You can even win a medal for your wartime efforts. Being in such a beautiful, flowering area during the war is somewhat lucky. You have quite the simple and pleasant existence pottering away in the garden. Stick around and find out what these plants are being used for!

Download A Good Gardener HERE (Windows, Mac & Linux)