A Hand With Many Fingers – Alpha Demo

A Hand With Many Fingers is a cleverly crafted first person investigation game where you unravel a Cold War conspiracy using an old fashioned 80s evidence records system to help build a corkboard and twine crazy wall.

In A Hand With Many Fingers you are tasked with investigating the supposed suicide of a Banker in 1980’s Sydney. As the game is set in the early 80’s there’s no computer databases to pull information from. Instead you need to use your physical file system to look up information on people of interest in specific years and specific parts of the world.

When you find the correct person in the file system you then go down to the evidence archive room and grab the corresponding box of evidence. You can then take out each piece of evidence, examine it, pin it to your corkboard and attach twine to link it to other people or pieces of evidence you think are connected (much like in any police procedural drama you’ve ever seen).

You don’t get to unravel the full conspiracy in the current demo build of A Hand With Many Fingers, but you do get enough time to get to grips with the mechanics and to sink your teeth into the conspiracy. It’s a fantastic concept which delivers a very unique and authentic feeling take on investigative work. You really do feel like a detective as you pin your pieces of evidence to the board and slowly build your web of conspiracy. Highly recommended.

Download The A Hand With Many Fingers Alpha Demo Here (Window, Mac & Linux)