A Healthy Witch Breakfast – Game Jam Build

A Healthy Witch Breakfast is a delightfully gross little game in which you attempt to guide hordes of cockroaches into a blender to make a tasty breakfast smoothie for a witch!

Everybody should start the day with a healthy organic breakfast and witches are no different. It seems that this witch loves nothing more than a tasty 9000 ml smoothie made out of the freshest organic cockroaches – time to get blending!

The gameplay in A Healthy Witch Breakfast is pretty simple – you can shine a light with the left mouse button which will make cockroaches scurry away from it and you can drop sausages to lure cockroaches towards a direction. Using the light and the sausages you need to try and herd the cockroaches towards the blender and juice enough of them to get your smoothie. This is easy enough in the early levels, but as you progress you’ll need to guide the roaches past deadly hazards, which can be pretty tricky as they’re not the easiest creatures to herd.

The later levels can get a little frustrating as the roaches are very hard to herd through the hazard filled obstacle courses, but it’s a fun little game with a wonderfully disgusting premise. A creepy crawly smoothie making cockroach herder well worth taking a sip of!

Download A Healthy Witch Breakfast Here (Windows)