A History of Aviation – Game Jam Build

A History of Aviation features a surreal blend of pinball and aviation as you attempt to hit targets on a pinball table to make various historical flying machines fly through the air.

Taking around 5/10 minutes to play thorough, A History of Aviation is an experimental little game where you launch various flying machines from throughout history by completing certain objectives on a pinball table. Around the outside of the table you’ll see the various flying machines and must figure out what you have to do to launch them – mainly requiring hitting certain targets or going through certain passages.

With no score total and no way to lose the game (you can have as many balls as you want), it’s a very chilled out little game – especially thanks to the cool lo-fi soundtrack. It’s got a great sense of style and it’s fun figuring out how to launch the various flying machines. A history lesson well worth attending.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download A History of Aviation Here (Windows, Mac & Android)