A Horde Too Many – Kickstarter Demo

A Horde Too Many is a side scrolling action game with base building, survival and strategy elements as you try to keep your group alive in a post-apocalyptic zombie infested world.

In A Horde Too Many the decisions you make can be just as important as the amount of zombies you blast. You are placed in control of a group of survivors and must manage their supplies, build their base and go out on missions in search of resources and survivors. Each of your survivors has a different weapon, ranging from a bow to a minigun, and you can switch between controlling each of them at the touch of a button while out on missions.

The Kickstarter build of A Horde Too Many features around 15 minutes of gameplay and serves as a fun introduction to its unique blend of bast building, team management and zombie shooting side-scrolling action. The base building is pretty limited in the current build, but the missions are a lot of fun, with you hacking, shooting and burning your way through hordes of zombies that often threaten to engulf you.

A Horde Too Many’s novel mix of base building, strategy and arcade action makes for a fun post-apocalyptic adventure. The cartoony 2D visuals have a lot of charm and it’s got a great sense of humor too so attempting to survive at the end of the world isn’t quite as depressing as the likes of The Walking Dead. A lighthearted zombie blasting survival adventure with a lot of great ideas.

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