A Juggler’s Tale – Alpha Demo

A Juggler’s Tale is a beautiful Inside/Little Nightmares-esque 2.5D puzzle platforming adventure where a little puppet girl sets out to take control of her own fate.

In A Juggler’s Tale you follow the adventure of Abby, a young puppet girl who lives in a world of puppets. She entertains an audience during the day as part of a circus act, but she’s kept in a cramped cage at nights by a nefarious ringmaster. One day, she decides to escape and forge her own story in the game’s war-torn fairy tale world.

The current build of A Juggler’s Tale takes around 10 minutes to play through and follows Abby as she performs at the circus and makes her escape. Everyone has strings attached to them that dangle down from above and the story is fully narrated by the storyteller, making it feel like you’re enjoying an elaborate puppet show. The gameplay is similar to other Inside-style 2.5D puzzle platforming adventures, but the fact that you’re a puppet is also a factor – so you need to make sure your strings don’t get caught up on any overhead objects.

It’s a beautiful looking game with a very unique setting, a well crafted game world and a very endearing main character. The character movement feels authentically puppety and the puppet show presentation style is delightful. A great puzzle platforming adventure with some strings attached!

Download The A Juggler’s Tale Alpha Demo Here (Steam)