A Lifetime of Realistic Simulations – Game Jam Build

a lifetime of realistic simulations 3

A Lifetime of Realistic Simulations is short and surprising little game. created by FryCandle for the GDC Game Jam that serves as a fun commentary on the brevity and futility of life.

In A Lifetime of Realistic Simulations you must decide how your character model first. Choosing things like sex, skin tone, and names is just the tip of this wild ride into what could be the most EPIC life sim ever made. After you have done creating your avatar a narrator beings to speak and tell you it’s time to make a few choices before you’re truly ready to take on the world and everything it throws at you.

Taking just a few minutes to complete, A Lifetime of Realistic Simulations is an interesting little game.  Just remember the one important thing when creating your character. All roads lead to one true destination!

Download A Lifetime of Realistic Simulations Game Jam Build Here (Windows Only)