A Little Golf Journey – Beta Demo

A Little Golf Journey is a relaxing and stress-free adventure golfing game where you play on beautiful diorama-styled courses, unlock secrets and discover treasure.

The core gameplay in A Little Golf Journey is very easy to pick up and play – you simply aim the ball where you want to go in and then hit the ball. You don’t need to worry about perfectly timing your swing, wind conditions or even club selection, you just need to focus on hitting the ball where you want it to go, making for a remarkably stress-free golfing experience.

The streamlined, easily accessible gameplay means that rather than getting bogged down with all the fiddly stuff, you can really enjoy your golfing adventure and experiment a little. As you embark on your adventure you make your way along a map where each level is a different diorama styled hole. Each hole is unique and beautifully styled, and as you progress you’ll find that they can often harbour interesting secrets to discover that really shake up the gameplay. As you progress you’ll discover secret holes, collectibles and off-path mysteries, and there’s also a little intrigue as you attempt to discover who the person known only as “X” is.

It’s a very refreshing take on the age old game of golf that makes for a much more playful, chilled out and entertaining experience than the likes of EA’s efforts. Beating the holes is all about figuring out the best route and a lot of the fun comes from straying from the beaten path in search of those secrets. A superb little golfing journey that thinks outside of the box.

Download the A Little Golf Journey Beta Demo Here (Steam)