A Melon’s Tale – Game Jam Build Download

A Melons Tale game

A Melon’s Tale, a short but charming game made for the Melon Jam, shows the joy a single discarded watermelon can give.

You are a watermelon who has been thrown away – left to rot in the trash. Instead of just going to waste, you decide to roll out of the trash and see what adventures you might run into. On your journey, you will roll into different people all needing a bit of melon for various different things.

Though giving away a part of yourself makes it more challenging to continue forward, you will bring lots of joy to the receiver of a bit of watermelon! Instead of just staying in the trash, you are able to bring smiles and help many creatures with their tasks.

Though A Melon’s Tale is short, it is a fantastic little adventure with a great message. Do not waste your food, as someone may really need it!

Play A Melon’s Tale Here (Win & Mac)