A Memory of Eternity – Game Jam Build

A Memory of Eternity, a hardcore rogue-like platformer made for the LowRezJam 2017, sees you slaying enemies and levelling up your abilities as you attempt to rescue your soul.

In A Memory of Eternity you play a small creature who isn’t particularly agile. As a matter of fact, all of your skills; magic, agility, speed, and attack is quite low. You will need to collect different orbs to level up your skills and become a better fighter. You can collect orbs from barrels or fallen monsters – which are both in abundance throughout the game world. Each time you die or play again, the whole level is completely different, but there’s always a vast amount of barrels and monsters to dispatch, giving you plenty of options when it comes to becoming a greater warrior.

The challenge of A Memory of Eternity is just staying alive. With so many monsters chasing you, spikes attached to walls, and tricky jumps to be made – you will have to be careful and skillful when trying to level up yourself. If you are able to last long enough to level up a variety of your skills, staying alive will become easier as you dominate and eliminate everything within this world. Getting to that point, however, may take some time!

Play A Memory of Eternity Here (Browser)