A Mind is a Small Place – Game Jam Build Download

A Mind is a Small Place Game

A Mind is a Small Place, a mysterious and meaningful Ludum Dare 38 game, sees you exploring rooms that symbolise how isolating life can be when viewed through the eyes of depression.

In A Mind is a Small Place you explore various rooms that act as thoughts in your mind. The rooms are very different and very stylish, but all of them have the same ringing telephone. When answered the telephone brings in an outside voice – a person who cares about you –  giving you brief insights at what is going on outside your mind.

You can move into the next room when you make the door appear. At first, this is quite simple – just answer the phone and listen to the voice. But as you sink deeper into depression and become more isolated from the outside world, your mind gets more jumbled, the rooms more complicated and you start having to solve little puzzles to make the door happen.

A Mind is a Small Place has two different endings depending on how you solve puzzles, so it’s worth experimenting to see how it changes the ending. It’s a visually striking experience with interesting puzzles and a narrative that gives some valuable insights into depression and how it affects family members. A small place with a big message.

Download A Mind is a Small Place Here (Windows Only – Mac coming soon!)