A Near Dawn – Alpha Demo

A Near Dawn offers a stylish and well crafted blend of visual novel and point and click adventure gameplay as it weaves its dark tale of conspiracy and psychological horror, with you playing an attorney whose reality starts to unravel around him.

In A Near Dawn you play Sam, the sole remaining employee of a law firm that’s decided to stick with his boss out of loyalty after everyone else moved on to a bigger firm. You are gearing up for a big lawsuit against a multinational company that could make or break your firm depending on the results. However there is also a darkness inside you – a voice that haunts your nightmares and is starting to have an affect on your real life now too…

The current build of A Near Dawn consists of the prologue to the main game, which takes around 15 minutes to complete and introduces some of the main characters. It plays out using a mix of point and click adventure and visual novel gameplay mechanics, with your choices affecting how the narrative plays out.

The current build only gives a taste of the narrative planned for the full game, but it’s certainly intriguing. The artwork, writing and voice work are excellent throughout, really drawing you in and adding a lot of personality to the characters you meet. A funny, charming and creepy adventure with a great sense of style, we’ll look forward to seeing the sun rise on this impressive psychological thriller.

Download The A Near Dawn Alpha Demo Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)